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  Support for Windows XP  Now  ! 


  •  Fully custom words of Content and words of  Tip Text
  •  Countdown time exactly in format '0:02:02'
  •  Recording time and almost evething in the Memo
  •  Automatically delete tips (one time) which have been shown
  •  Can alarm periodically or remind you time and again after first shown
  •  Convenient alarm time setting
  •  Show tip along with sound even the computer has no Sound Card
  •  Remain on the task bar and can show exact time and which weekday is today


  A 100% Windows XP-compliant version.

  This  version  also supports for Windows 98/Me/2000.

  If you set an alarm to show tip one time, after it appearing in the schedule time, no need for delete this message in the list view. Next time start this program, you will not see the message, because it is removed automatically. Of course, if you set an alarm to sound daily, weekly or monthly, it will remain until you delete it manually.

  When you begin to set alarm, this software will display 'Show Tip At 15 Hour(s) 00 Minute(s)' in the Set Tip window, and 15 is just the hour of time now. Just one click to set alarm at 17:00 or 19:00, without no more scrolling. It also acts when you set time to shut down computer.

  Sometimes the computer in the office or outside home has no sound card, but no problem, this software will still to remind you with various sound.

  Depend on the schedule and habit, you have two choice to set alarm: 'Show Tip At xx Hour(s) xx Minute(s) ' or 'Show Tip After xx Hour(s) xx Minute(s)'. This will help you to set alarm without calculation.


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