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  TimeRecorder Introduce
       Want to keep time tracking on your project or view it in a timesheet later? Frequently forget schedule in the office or write it to the Notepiece on the wall but forget to look? Find something useful on the Web but tired of open NotePad to paste and save with a similar name then hard to find it? With TimeRecorder, all of these become easy, let the software do it for you.


  Key Features
      TimeRecorder is an useful software by recording what you did in one day or one week (and longer period), reminding you almost everything, saving what you write or paste in the memo automatically. It can be runned as a timer, reminder and memo, in other words, a Personal Information Manager.


       There are always users who are a little disorganized or absent-minded, who leave things undone, forget tasks or leave objects all over the place. For them there is nothing better than Time Recorder. Time Recorder registers absolutely everything you do in a set time (a day, various days ... whatever period the user wants).This program helps you know how you use your time, to organize it better. Forget leaving yourself little notes all over the place: Time Recorder lets you get everything under control. Work tasks, personal tasks, important appointments, projects ... an essential tool if you need to get your life in order.



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